Assignment 7:


Armed with the top five product ideas from last week I created a pugh chart to compare and contrast the attributes of each idea. I used the categories of novelty, feasibility, marketability, clear need/market, and personal interest. I set the reel lights as my base and compared everything to that.

Based on the results I decided to choose the automatic windshield wipers. I brainstormed some ideas for a name, with options such as Clearly (not unique enough), Passive (doesn't really give off the meaning I want it to), Smart Blades, Clean Swipe, and others. I eventually arrived on the name Clearsmart Blades. It is more of a descriptive name than anything, but for now I think that is best.


Finally I made a video of my elevator pitch.


I loved that you did a calculation of total +s for your Pugh Chart, it's more clear this way to tell which idea might be better than the others.
I liked your video pitch, the opening was engaging and lead to the problem. The functions of the windshield sounds reasonable as well.
One thing I would suggest is probably saying how many people would actually buy this product, it is just a suggestion though.


I really think your elevator pitch is ready to go!
I enjoyed the opening story a lot! as mentioned in the previous comment it is very engaging. totally see people relate to it! (I don't drive, so I don't).
I don't recommend adding more to it since the time is really short!

Good luck!

It would be nice to see some preliminary ideas on the sensor types needed and an idea of what it would take to get this to work. Overall, it seems like a useful concept that would be appreciated by people who could afford a car with the feature. It would be cool to have something for the common folk, too.

Maybe, since most modern cars have built in everything and are pretty much computers, this could be simplified sensor-wise, depending on how difficult the necessary sensors might be to implement, by the system utilizing local weather data. My phone tells me it's snowing out, and there is probably more detailed data on the rate, temperature, and wind easily available.

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