November 14, 2008

Technology and Journalism II

What technology has had the greatest impact on your reportage within the last year, and has this technology been a positive or negative influence?

Technology and Journalism

Have social networking resources and sites affected your journalistic practice, and if so, in what way?

November 7, 2008

Questions for Practicing Journalists--General Statement of Guidelines

I have posted several questions for practicing journalists to use as a forum. These questions are listed as individual postings so they can be commented on individually. If you are not a practicing journalist, I would ask if you comment on a specific question, that you state yourself in the comment as a non-journalist, citizen journalist, semi-journalist, or your personally considered status. This, of course is somewhat open to one's own judgment of what constitutes a journalist in our current news culture. For the purposes of this blog, I would consider practicing journalists those who work at least half-time in the act of providing news to the general public for a organization that retains a membership, grants, governmental, or advertiser base as its means of revenue to support news gathering activities. One can post anonymously to this section. I have done this to increase the ability of commentators to be candid about their experiences.

Practicing Broadcast Journalists Reporting Responsibilities

How much reporting do anchors and other on-air talent do and how much is provided to them from non-air staffers and news wire services?

External Influences on Practicing Journalists

Do listener/viewer/advertiser/member opinions affect which stories make the final cut, and if so, to what degree has that changed in the last 10 years?


If external sources to the newsroom do affect which stories make the final cut, then what intensity of factors usually drive this shift in coverage?

How much control are you given in reporting your stories?

How much or how little control are you given in researching and reporting stories?

Practicing Journalists--How Has Journalism Changed?

In your opinion, how has journalism changed since you graduated from college? Please feel free to include your year of graduation as a reference point, or use a round figure of the number of years you have worked as a practicing journalist.

Photographers' Changing Non-film Rolls in Journalism

As a photojournalist, how has your job changed within the last 5-10 years?

Practicing Journalists Required to Provide Photographs with Stories

What have the effects been on you as a working journalist (not a photojournalist) with the added requirement to provide photographs to supplement your stories when reporting where a professional photographer may have been used in the past?

Election Coverage Question for Practicing Journalists

What are three limitations you had to work around in your coverage of the elections as a journalist?