Welcome to The Corkboard

09082006 - Posting Date

Welcome to my Weblog site. I am a graduate of the Master of Liberal Studies program and a Continuing Education student at the University of Minnesota completing an Innovation Studies Graduate Certificate. This weblog is a forum in which I will post papers written during my studies at the University of Minnesota. I welcome comments and insights, however I will post only those comments, which I feel are appropriate to the blog content. In other words, well thought out, reasoned comments are more likely to be posted than “flame�? comments. My disagreement with a comment won’t necessarily preclude its posting. I will do my best to manage this editing process fairly.

I reserve the right to exclude comments without notification to the comment’s author at my discretion.

The content of my papers contain citations and references. If you use information or ideas from one of my papers in one of your papers, please do me the courtesy of citing my paper in your reference section. All papers and ideas included in this weblog are copyrighted. Additional restrictions may be added at any time without notice visitors. The papers contained in this weblog, while generally finished works, may be changed, revised or refined at any time without notice to its viewers and participants.