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September 21, 2006

Mario vs Luigi

Alright this is the question that I know has been on everyone's mind since they first came out with the first Mario Bros. game wayyy back in the day. I have a theory that one day Luigi will one day just snap and attack Mario. The reason for this outburst would most likely be because Luigi is jealous of the fame that Mario gets and he hates being known as "Mario's brother." Making that my argument for the reason why, let us get to the theoretical fight and the advantages and disadvantages of the fighters. Luigi's obvious advantage is the fact that he's taller and seems to be slimmer than Mario. This would give him the reach advantage and would be great if he could keep him at a distance. Mario, though, is the brains of the operation and, despite the disadvantage in height, once he gets inside of Luigi's reach he could cause some trouble. His stoutness gives him a lower center of gravity and he could take him down and put him in and arm bar or just punch away at him until he has nothing left. Overall, I would have to give the fight to Mario, but the issue is still up to debate.


I was just sitting down earlier wondering why the weekends seem to take so long to come. It occurred to me that they just seem to never get here soon enough. I mean, when they're over, it just seems like it was all a quick blur and BOOM! you're back in English Comp at nine in the morning wondering why you're still goin to college. Homework can be a good thing to pass the time when you're waiting for the weekend to come, but it's not the most enjoyable thing you could be doin at the time. I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe we should extend the weekend to more like thursday through tuesday and just have class on Wednesday. Any takers?

September 14, 2006

Football is the greatest sport in America

I personally believe that football is the greatest sport in America for a number of reasons. It is America's sport. It is one of the sports, like baseball, that isn't as fast-paced as others like basketball or hockey, for instance, and we as a country seem to love that kind of thing. I think we love the anticipation of waiting to see what is the next big thing that's going to happen next. Another great thing is that it feeds our obsession with violence, but, unlike rugby, guys of all shapes can play. Notice how I didn't say sizes, because you basically have to be a certain size out there to be able to play well. The anticipation factor also comes in with only having one game a week. It gives people time to talk about the last game and discuss what they think is gonna happen in the next game.

September 11, 2006

America: The Book

I thought this was a very hilarious reading. It is amazingly funny and would suggest it to anyone, especially people that enjoy the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I might actually go out and buy this book just based on the chapters I have read from class. One favorite quote would have to be "Hey, what if we stop storing the corpses in the drinking water and see if that makes any difference to our health?" There are many other lines that I laughed out loud at, too, and the charts and diagrams were very interesting. I also enjoyed the way they would interrupt all the reading with funny things like "how to dress" and questions and quotes on the side that I had to say made me chuckle.