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Work is something that nobody wants to do but must to keep things going. I have worked in a family-owned factory with big presses and heavy machinery since I was fifteen. I spend ten hours a day standing in front of a machine press that stamps out parts and seems to try and make me go deaf. I put a part in, the machine hits it, and I take a part out. That is what I do ALL DAY; ten hours a day, five times a week. This monotonous work is something that I don't plan on doing all my life because it is extremely boring and taxing on the body, and doesn't pay well enough for me to want to stay in it. This job is why I plan on graduating from college so that I can use my head and my knowledge to do less physical work and more thinking work. I really don't care to be a robot moving metal around all day for the rest of my life, risking my limbs and health.....


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