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December 13, 2006


This show is all about plastic surgery, sex, and violence. If you've ever watched a single episode of this show, you'll know what i mean. most of the show has to deal with a lot of the image problems that people have today. people try and fix these problems simply by throwing money at it and getting things done to their bodys that are unnatural. many times there are side effects and the procedures they do in this show are very odd. there are things in this show that i hope never actually happen in the operating room, they show all the bloody detail as well too

TV Show: House M.D.

Ok so I've been watching the tv show House lately and it seems like a very interesting show. While the show has taken a turn so that you basically have to watch earlier episodes to understand what is currently on. Anyways, this show seems to be mostly about an unorthodox doctor, Gregory House, who is actually a genius and seems to always find the most unlikely and risky diagnosis and it ends up working in the end. He has a severe drug addiction to Vicoden that he has to deal with all the time. He is extremely sarcastic and loves making fun of people. he usually finds out the problems by talking to people that have regular problems and having an epiphany and making a connection between them. He is a very witty person and will do anything to solve a case, including breaking in to people's houses.

December 12, 2006

the UP series

First of all i cant believe they have had this series going since these kids were 7 and now they have one at 49 with them still coming back. it is amazing to see how some of them have turned out. Their different philosophies on life and how things turn out are amazing. I especially enjoyed the story of the jockey. he was also kind of different from everyone else and was a little humorous as well. i might actually get some more of those videos just to see what they look like, and what theyve become.

classes next semester

It was nice actually knowing what i was doing this time around when i was picking out my classes. It's a lot easier to actually know what you're taking and what classes you can take. I'm hoping this next semester will go a little better than the first semester as far as my schedule goes

Review of Beerfest

So I've recently just watched this movie Beerfest that I meant to watch in theatres, but kinda forgot to go. This movie was just what i thought it was gonna be, which definitely is a good thing. The guys over at Broken Lizard know how to make a good movie. Club Dread, Super Troopers, Beerfest, and Puddle Cruiser know their shit. Even though they use the same main characters in every film, they mix them up a lot by having them play completely different characters in every movie. If you have seen their movies, you'll know what i mean. Anyways, this is a great movie that i enjoyed immensely. being a college student it is a subject that is very interesting to me at this point in my life.

New Phone

Ok so some exciting news in my world, Im getting a new cell phone! It is just something that i have needed for a very long time now, since ive had the one im currently with for 2 years now and its getting a little beat up. Anyways im excited because ill be able to play mp3's on it and do all those other little neat things that they have on the new phones now. Hopefully the new battery will last a lot longer than the one i currently have now too!

December 6, 2006


well its getting down to that time when christmas is coming around, i hope everyone has their shopping done soon. christmas time is just about the happiest time of the year. it is at the end of the year, finals are over, nice long break to catch up with friends and family, and just plain have a lot of fun. Snowmobiling and snow are some of the greatest things that come to mind when i think of the break that is to come. I hope everyone else likes it too, if you don't you really shouldn't be living in minnesota. At least around this time of year. At least here you can get the full experience during christmas, and not some warm, palm tree christmas like they have down in the south. Im sorry, but that is just not how christmas is supposed to be!


what are your favorite things about snow? I know that mine have to be snow forts and snowball fights. Every time we would have something like that, i know that someone is gonna end up walking in the house bloody because someone had the bright idea to pack a little ice in the snow. Afterwards we get to go inside for hot chocolate which was always a good thing

casino part 2

Ok so my journey to the casino this last weekend wasnt one as expected, apparently if the dealer gets blackjack every other hand, it gets a little difficult to win. $60 is enough for me to lose at this point. On the bright side, i guess my girlfriend did win $9, though, so i made her buy me some ice cream to make me feel better. All in all it was still a good time, and hopefully my luck will turn around on my next visit.