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Another very useful tool in the social media analytics realm is Site Trail. Site Trail aggregates all activity for a URL. For example when I enter Site Trail shows me what countries access this sight by percentage. Here is the top six countries that access

United States 72.8%
Canada 16.9%
Australia 1.9%
Mexico 1.5%
United Kingdom1.3 %
India 0.8%

Site Trail also gauges the site's social media following. has an estimated 393,124 followers across popular social networking sites like Facebook.

Currently there are over 359 discussions currently happening across the web about this URL.

Site Trail also estimates the current value of the site in USD: is estimated at $100,240.00 if it were for sale.

These statistics are only a portion of what Site Trail has to offer. It is a very useful tool that combines any information that you would need into one simple place.

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