Social Media and PR

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This longitudinal study examines the use of social media in the Public Relation Field from 2006-2012. In the study they found that over the past six years the use of social media use has continualy increased. Facebook continues to be considered the most important platform for Public Relations work in the social media realm, followed by Twitter, search engine marketing, and sites like Youtube.

What I found interesting is that only 35% of firms spend 25% of their time on social media. I though for sure in todays times with the rapid expansion and direct connection to consumers that social media provides, that number would be higher. This real life example of using a longitudinal survey format to gauge social media is very interesting. It makes what we discussed in class feel more tangible. We are all going to enter this field soon and having information like this where we can monitor trends in the field will only aid us in finding jobs by making us more qualified. Let be honest and realize that acquiring a job after graduation is going to depend largely on how connected we are to trends in the the field we are entering.


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