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Digital Technology as Tools (Robert Raushenberg)

Looking through this Digital Art book, it's so interesting how different artist use digital imaging to do their work, either photograph, painting, or animations. What caught my attention was Robert Raushenberg's photograph. He scanned a number of 35mm photographs, which he had printed using a water-soluble pigments. Then collage all the images, then applied water to thier surfaces and separately transferred them to paper. His final print was photographed and processed as a traditional screenprint. This photography with screenprint shows how digital tchnologies can let you composite and collage anything. It also shows texture in this photograph. Most artist using photograph or painting have gone to the next level using digital technology. Scptt Groesbach, one of the artist.


Art work and if you want to buy it: http://wwar.com/masters/r/rauschenberg-robert.html

One interesting one was Casey Williams, phototgraph, painting and inkjet prints. The Tokyogaze III, 2000, and Opal Sun I (2000) shows multiples of digital imaging and abstracts. This is a link of some of Casey's work: http://www.hollyjohnsongallery.com/html/artistresults.asp?artist=11&testing=true