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Why Turtles have a Cracked Shell


1) There was famine on Earth. The birds got together and were talking to each other
2)Mr. Turtle wonders how the birds survive in this kind of situation and decide to confront them. How do they do it.
3) The birds don't want to say anything, some were just watching.
4) They decide to tell Mr. Turtle, that there is a place in the sky were they go to eat.
5) Mr. turtle ask if he could come along, but the birds asked, how is he getting there? Mr. turtle told if they could please donate each feather for him, it won't cost them a thing.
6) Before they went, Mr. Turtle told them they should all have a nick name, as some people do if they go out, they all did. And Mr. Turtle's nick name was EVERYBODY. The birds all agreed.
7) When they got there, the person in charge told them before they start to eat, they should all pray. Before they prayed, Mr. Turtle ask, who does all this food belongs to? they all answered EVERYBODY, he asked them again, they replied thesame answer. They went on praying.
8) After they finished praying, they found out that the food was all gone, Mr. Turtle told them when he asked who does this food belong to? you all answered EVERYBODY, who is EVERYBODY, they said you. The birds got mad and took their feathers from Mr. Turtle.
9) After all this situation, there is no way Mr. Turtle could fly back down, he now told the birds to do him a favor, if they get down to earth they should tell his wife to get every soft things in the house so he could land softly.
10) When the birds got to Mr. Turtles house, they told his wife a different story. She should birng out any hard thing in the house. When Mr. Turtle was ready, he wasn't able to see from far away, but he could see some things out there, so he free fall and when he landed, he landed on every hard things out there. Rocks, metal etc....

That is how Turtles have a Cracked Shell............