Analysis on Speeches/Meetings

Analysis on Speeches/Meetings

By Brittany Falkers


            For this analysis I chose to write about a speech that Gov. Tim Pawlenty made on Oct. 13 at the annual dinner of the Minnesota Business Partnership.

            The article, "Pawlenty warns of U.S. becoming the next GM" gave more than exactly what the press release gave; the article was almost a direct transcript of the speech.

            It was very interesting to see this style of reporting on a speech because it goes against many of the speech story writing guidelines discussed in class.  However this model reinforces why you can't include everything. 

            The first few grafts gave an overview, or summary, of the speech highlighting the where and when to but it into context.

            After the intro and summary to the story it seemed to turn into a transcript somehow.  This made me realize why one shouldn't put everything in a speech in a story about the speech.  I was bored by the next page.

            If a person is reading a story about a speech, it is most likely because they didn't want to see or actually read the speech themselves.

            When writing a story on a speech, it is important, I realize, to write the summary of main points and themes of the speech given. 

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