Analysis on Spot and Follows

Analysis on Spot and Follows

By Brittany Falkers


            I choose to follow a story about the two-way conversion of Hennepin and 1st Avenues in downtown Minneapolis, from a day prior when the announcement was made in the Star Tribune of the arrival of road construction. 

The story was updated on Saturday about the delays and implications concerned with the weather and traffic woes. 

            The stories differed in details as well as interview input.  The first story was more about the excitement of the transition to two-ways, and preparing for the road work and confusion it would bring.

  The second story is a sort of update.  It is pretty much just a briefing of what has happened now that the road work has begun.  The main story is quickly given in both, if not more in the updated version.           

            There is no response to a report from a competing news organization in the second-day story. 

            This second-day story isn't as much of an add-on to the first-day story; rather, it is a follow up to what the first-day story was about.  It continues the implications of the road construction.

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