Multimedia Analysis

Multimedia Analysis

By Brittany Falkers


            One of the multimedia options I found was from The New York Times, it was an audio slideshow on a story about a priest who secretly fathered and abandoned his son. 

            This audio slideshow was added a voice and audio clues to the story.  In the slideshow, listeners/readers can hear the interviewee's voice, including tone and inflection witch give a human-interest aspect to the story. 

            Each of the slides that went along with the audio interview/overview of the story had captions to accompany the pictures.  These were short descriptive captions explaining the action in the photo. 

            The other multimedia option I observed was at, a video clip from a story about a six-year-old boy whose parents believed he was trapped in a homemade balloon.

            The video was a short clip of what seems to be a sort of news conference with the family and several reporters. 

            This clip added yet another human and face element to the story.  The interviews with the father and son gave visual and audio clues to the story.

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