Structure Analysis

Structure Analysis

By Brittany Falkers


            I reviewed a story on, "2 teens arrested in Princeton suspicious packages case" by Paul Walsh.  This story used the inverted pyramid model fro news structure.  The most important news was at the beginning of the story; Who, What and Where.  The suspects' names and what they are suspected of as well as where.  As the story continued less impacting facts came into play, more of the why and how of the story.

             The information summarized the important events giving the basic information needed, who and what they did.  Then in the later part of the story quotes from police reports as well as community and school information for the Princeton area. 

            The reporter ordered the information from most important information at the top and then going down to less impacting or action details at the end.  This model works well for this story because if I were in a rush and unable to read the whole story, I could get all the gist of the story within the first two paragraphs.

2 teens arrested in Princeton suspicious packages case

By Paul Walsh, Star Tribune

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