Analysis on Diversity

Analysis on Diversity

By Brittany Falkers


            The film "Precious" has recently entered a cultural conversation. In an article, from the New York Times, the issues of the films racial stereotypes are discussed.

The article provided several scholarly and academic professionals' opinions and interpretations of the film.

"It [the article] had a lot of different views of the movie." Lauren, an orthodontic assistant familiar with racial stereotypes said.  She preferred not to use her last name in the interview.   

The article discussed the film's main character called Precious, an obese, poor, illiterate, young black woman who is sexually and emotionally abused, as the motion pictures stereotypical resort to depicting black people in film. 

The article gave several view points from those who view the character as another realm of black culture that should be recognized.   

Lauren, 21, spoke about the article as an interesting cultural look at a new film. 

The article took varying ideas of stereotypes.  It moved beyond looking at black people as stereotypes and focused on how they felt about those stereotypes, Lauren said.

The article starts as a review of the film, but then quickly turns to its newsworthiness, the issue of African American stereotypes.    

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