Analysis on number use

Analysis on number use

By Brittany Falkers


            The news story I found from the New York Times uses numbers to represent financial figures, determine time differences for a financial status, and it also uses numbers to reveal stock changes.  

This reporter used numbers to tell the story because the numbers were crucial to the facts.  Almost every time a financial figure is mentioned in the story, the reporter uses more numbers to put those figures into a time frame.  

            In one graph of the story the number use becomes a bit overwhelming.  This is due to a rapid fire of figures that seem to topple over one another.  The reporter could have made lessened this confusion a bit by spreading the figures out over more paragraphs and giving the numbers and figures used more background and context. 

            The source of these numbers comes from the National Venture Capital Association as well as interviewee sources that have provided the reporter with statistics and facts.  

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