News analysis on obits

News analysis on obits

By Brittany Falkers


            The obituariy found is for Stacy Rowles, a jazz musician who died at the age of 54.  Her obit was found in the New York Times.

            This obituary's lead begins with the standard New York Times formula.  "Stacy Rowles, a jazz trumpeter, flugelhorn player and singer who had been active on the Los Angeles jazz scene since the 1980s, died on Oct. 27 at her home in Burbank, Calif.  She was 54." Her obituary said.

            This is the formulaic standard for a New York Times obituary, and it works very well in this obit.  

            The obituary did not use any outside sources for quotes or information, but rather used her songs and past history to give the story a voice.  This worked well because the reporter could use her life through music to give a sense of her life.

            Rowles obituary differs from a standard resume because it doesn't list facts from her life, rather some accomplishments as well as highlights from her life as a jazz musician.  The article chooses to focus on one of her achievements rather than all of them in a list form.  




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