Somali woman stoned to death for adultery

Somali woman stoned to death for adultery

By Brittany Falkers


            A Somali woman was stoned to death and her boyfriend given 100 lashes for having an affair, a judge for an Islamic militant group in Somalia told Associated Press reporters Wednesday.  

            The woman was killed Tuesday in front of a crowd of some 200 people near the town of Wajid, the Star Tribune said.

            The Somali woman, 20, was a divorcee - but although she was no longer married, her affair was seen as adultery in the eyes of Somalia's extremist interpretation of Sharia law, according to a Mail Foreign Service article.

The militants that control much of southern Somalia and have links to al-Quida have instituted a conservative reading of Islam's Sharia law, the Star Tribune said.

            Sheikh Ibrahim Abdirahman, the judge for the group al-Shabab, says the woman's boyfriend was a 29-year-old unmarried man, was given 100 lashes for the affair, according to the Mail Foreign Service article.  

             The stoning death was a least the fourth for adultery in Somalia over the last year.  It was the second time a female has been killed, the Star Tribune said.

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