600 climate protesters detained

600 climate protesters detained

By Brittany Falkers


            More than 600 people have been arrested at a demonstration against climate change in Copenhagen Saturday, the Sunday Times said.

            The protest started as a peaceful demonstration, calling for action on climate change, according to the Sunday Times.

            Industrial countries criticized a draft global warming pact Saturday for not making stronger demands on major developing countries as the protestors demanded for "climate justice" marching toward the U.N. conference, the Star Tribune said.

            The peaceful protest turned into rioting as hundreds of masked youths threw bricks and smashed windows in the Danish capital, the Sunday Times said.

            Police told the Star Tribune they rounded up more than 600 people in a preventative action, according to the Star Tribune.

            An estimated 30,000 people attended the open rally, which was part of an international "day of action" to mark the mid-point of the United Nations climate change summit currently being held in Copenhagen, the Sunday Times said.

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