Teacher charged because of inappropriate notes to girls

Teacher charged because of inappropriate notes to girls

By Brittany Falkers


            A Buffalo, Minn. middle school teacher was charged with leaving sexually suggestive notes in two of his students' lockers, according to WCCO News.

            Martin Lee Bartels, 53, of Anoka, put the notes in the seventh-grade girls' lockers.  He was charged Tuesday with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Wright County District Court, the Star Tribune said.

            Bartels had worked with this school for 28 years.  He was captured on a school surveillance video placing a note inside the locker of on of his students, WCCO New said.

            The notes were brought to the school administration by the student in question.  Soon after, another student brought yet another note to the administration's attention, according to WCCO News.

            According to the complaint against Bartels, police say he admitted to them that he wrote two notes on his home computer.  Both notes said how the bodies of the girls, ages 12 and 13, turned him on, the Star Tribune said.

            "Great curves all over the place," the complaint quoted one of the notes as saying.  "I really, really, really love your legs, I wish you would show them off more often.  I like how you show just enough on top [to arouse] me," according to the Star Tribune.

            The school's principal and information technology director observed Bartels using his computer and were able to observe his action via remote desktop access.  They allegedly witnessed Bartels composing another explicit note, which also included instructions on how the student was to send notes back to him, WCCO News said.

            After police were contacted, Bartels was questioned.  He admitted that he had written the notes, according to WCCO News.

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