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New technology for the battery that could change our lives

Have you ever been somewhere expecting a phone call or an important message, its at the end of the day and your battery on your cell phone gives out and shuts down on you. This can not only be annoying but costly depending on the message being received. It's been more than 30 years since the first cell phone was invented and we still can not obtain a cell phone that can last more than a day of use until it dies on us. If you are in the same boat as many Americans are with the need and wanting of a longer lasting cell phone battery then listen up, our future may hold the answer that will solve all our problems with a revolutionary design complimenting the battery called a super capacitor.
Battery evolution has had its significant breakthroughs over the past years. Starting back in the early 50's when electronics were starting to be a popular and available community, but with this new emerging technology came the burden of supplying these inventions with power. However technology has come a long way with the battery so has the devices it powers. Not only do new devices need more power for longer use, today’s gadgets require consumers to use them more often with daily functions. In the beginning the cell phone was just used for calling now is more used to check your email, visit your favorite website, play games, and listen to your favorite music. All these functions drain a battery very fast to the point where most cell phones only last one day.
One way to make the battery last longer would cut out its functions that require a lot of power for only a short amount of time. This would include operations like the cell phone camera, checking email using the internet and listening to music. Since most consumers have to require these operations we need a power supply that can handle these short bursts of large power consumption. This is were new technology like the concept of super capacitors will come into effect. The basic understanding of a capacitor is a device that holds a charge and releases it when asked to. With new breakthrough technology in the material of the capacitor, it now can hold up to 10 to 100 times its charge then previously before. This concept however useful will never be able to one hundred percent replace the battery, but what it can do since super capacitor are very small in size comparable to the size of a quarter, it can work with the battery supplying power to devices that require larger amounts of power in short intervals were the battery is not rated for that. Researchers and companies are predicting the use of super capacitors in conjunction with latest batteries will allow the battery to last 2 to 3 times longer. This might mean a cell phone could last days with hard use until its next charge. One company that is leading the way with super capacitor implementation is Cap-xx an international company that is doing research with implementing super capacitors in a nokia 6680 cell phone.
Although there is much needed research for integrating super capacitors with batteries, one day in the near future of 2 to 5 years most small electronic devices will house a battery and a super capacitor.


Good job. I, in all honestly, know nothing about batteries other than the battery in my cell can live forever (since I don't use all those fancy functions) and the length of time my laptop stays charged unplugged, so this was very educational for me. You did a very good job tying in something technical and a little arcane into everyday life. 4.75/5

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