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Quick Meals for Busy Families

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To do list.jpg

Monday's To Do List:

  • Pick up Josh from football practice
  • Bring Emma to piano lessons
  • Stop at the store to buy more school notebooks
  • Attend a parent volunteer meeting
  • Help children with homework
  • Make dinner???
School is back in session and families are on the go! Having time to prepare an evening meal may seem like an impossible task. However, taking a few minutes now, will make it easier to fit healthy and tasty meals into your family's busy schedule.

Step One: Plan

Writing a week's menu is a great help for busy families. It allows family members to shop ahead of time to ensure the foods needed are in the kitchen at mealtime. It helps prevents the frustration of "what are we going to have for dinner tonight." 

One way to start planning a menu is to write a list of foods your family likes to eat. Take a few minutes and ask family members what foods they would like included on the list. Use your list to complete the Meal Planning Guide (556 K PDF).

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