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Simply Good Cooking

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Extension educators developed the Simply Good Cooking (SGC) curriculum with participants' preferences in mind.

Two female participants prep mushrooms.

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The Simply Good Cooking curriculum embraces hands-on activities and interactive learning theory.

Health and Nutrition programming reaches audiences that are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). We listened to them when they said they preferred to learn about nutrition through hands-on cooking in a fun, social, and interactive setting. And we developed and piloted a curriculum with over 20 lesson choices to meet their needs.

Food Marketing to Children

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Girl pointing remote at TV. Provided by: Microsoft.

Be aware of the food marketing targeted at your child.

But Daddy, I need to have this sparkling star cereal. The princess on the box it is pretty and I saw on television it comes with a glow-in-the-dark ring. Please, Daddy, please!

If you go grocery shopping with children, this has probably happened to you. Children's begging for a food is often a result of food marketing to children.

How is food marketed to children?

Food marketing can take on many forms. Some of the more common forms include catchy jingles and fast paced television commercials, the use of licensed cartoon characters on food packages, spokes-characters such as the Trix Bunny or Captain Crunch, and eye-catching food packages.

Technology is often used in newer marketing efforts.

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