September 7, 2006

Course Discription

The last two centuries have witnessed tremendous upheaval and transformation in every aspect of Chinese culture and society, from national politics to everyday life. At the national politics level, the Opium wars, restoration and self-strengthening in China, Boxer Rebellion, the rise of Chinese Nationalism, Communist revolution in China, Cultural revolution and China’s entry in the world market economy brought about remarkable social and political changes to China. On the level of everyday life, those social and political transformations have affected the realm of family, gender, and individual and personal lives. What are the links between broad political and economic trends in notions of about family and gender? How did these changes affect people’s daily life?

This course examines these historical events by familiarizing students with social, cultural transformation in China from c.a. 1800 A.D. to the present. The first several weeks are designed to examine China prior to its clash with westerners in the mid-nineteenth century. The second part of the course will explore some important themes in modern China.

This course aims to help the student know about China's modern history beginning from the nineteenth century, and understand Chinese culture and society in the past two hundred years. It paves the way for further study of China and Chinese culture.

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