September 7, 2006

Course Objectives

There are two aims for the class. First, the course aims to give student a general picture of modern China by introducing some important themes in modern China, such as modernization, revolution, nation building, state building and the development of capitalism in modern China. Second, the course also attempts to open up a new way of viewing societies and histories in modern China. For a long time, Chinese modern history has been perceived as the transition from a monarchical regime to a republican regime. Looked at this way, the male intellectuals’ pursuit for a rational and modern new nation-state has been a dominant narrative, in which people’s daily lives and how they are affected by such transformations are neglected. One goal of the course is to bring women’s experiences and common people’s daily life in the discussion to see that neither “modern China? nor “women? nor “man? is a uniform and timeless category. By putting women and modern China back into their various contexts, the course is to restore both female subjectivity and historical complexity on the one hand and to analyze the complex constellations, constrain and opportunity shaping the lives of men and women in China from 1800 to the present.

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