September 6, 2006

Great Learning

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September 4, 2006

Confucius' CV 9/13/06

Occupation: Consultant-cum-instructor

Name: Kong Qiu. English Name: Confucius.

Gender: Male

Nationality: Qufu, Shandong, China.

Family Background:

1.Home school

Working Experience:
1. Consultant
2. Instructor

1. Odes.[poetry]
2. Spring and Autumn.[
3. Zhu Zhuan
4. Shangshu
5. Rites

Specialty Interests:
1. Human nature
2. The Way of Heaven
3. History
4. Music, Literature, and Rites

People he admired:Junzi, Gentlemen (Noble)

People he loathed:Xiaoren, Little People

I begin with one corner; if a student cannot return with the othe rthree corners, I do not repeat myself.
In antiquity men were loath to speak. This was because they counted it shameful if theri person failed to keep up with their words.

The Master said, "While your parents are alive, you should not go too far afield in your travels. If you do, your whereabouts should always be known.

The gentlement desires to be halting in speech but quick in action.

The Master said of Kung-yeh Chang that he was a suitable choice for a husband, for though he was in goal it was not as though he had done anything worng. He gave him his duaghter in marriage.

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