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I'm a UNITE student and I'm looking for a group to work with. I am open to working on any of the projects. I work full time and have some other evening commitments (coaching basketball). But, I could be on campus a couple nights a week and possibly on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. I'm open to collaborating remotely as well on other days for those portions of the project that are amenable to using the simulator.

Looking for Group

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I am looking for a group to work with. I would prefer the Parallel Parking project but I am open to other project as well. I can be contacted at crial001@umn.edu.

-Luis Criales

We're proposing using one of the SCORBOT ER VII (the robotic arms in the lab) along with a pioneer to preform loading and unloading operations. The SCORBOT will pick up a block found using computer vision from a camera mounted on the arm. Then it will place the block on a pioneer. The pioneer will leave the SCORBOT and return to it (simulating moving it's load to a different position with a different SCORBOT). The robotic arm will then unload the block from the pioneer. An application of this project is that of a construction site where a robotic arm loads another robot with a payload, that robot moves the payload to another location, and then the robot arm at the new location unloads the payload.

Currently there are three members in the group and we are looking for one more. We've already discussed the project with Professor Roumeliotis and Faraz. The project will be difficult, but the results should be amazing. Due to the difficultly of the project, you must be willing to spend a substantial amount of time on this project. Our plan is to use C/C++ for the majority (if not all) of the code. If you're interested let us know. I can be reached by e-mail at olmschenk @ physics.umn.edu.

More specifics about the project:
-We plan to use OpenCV libraries as tools for the vision aspect of the project.
-Our payload will be solid colored blocks/balls for easy recognition.
-The locations for placing the payload will be marked with colors for easy recognition by the computer vision.
-The pioneer only needs to leave a fairly short distance then return to the manipulator to simulate moving to another location.
-This project clearly has a higher degree of awesomeness then any of the others.

Hey guys.

Joshua Fasching and I are working on the parallel parking project and we need two more members to join us. Please send an email to me (zhoux439@umn.edu) or Josh (fasching@cs.umn.edu) if you are interested.


I first thought about this over the summer and thought it would be kind of fun to try... I originally was thinking about a robotic lawn mower, but a vacuum cleaner is really the same thing.

The idea would be to map out a room and then calculate an efficient way of covering the entire room, including any obstacles. The goal would be to minimize the amount of areas that are covered twice. Also, a primary requirement (in the case of a lawn mower) would be to avoid moving objects -- possibly just stop and resume once the obstacle is gone or to dynamically recalculate a route to avoid it and finish up the skipped portion of the room later.

I don't have any partners yet -- looking for a couple people to join up with. Also, I haven't discussed this with the professor yet... I'll do that Thursday to get a more specific idea of what is appropriate.


That says it all.
Its just me, and this project interests me more than the other ones.
Let me know if anyone else wants to do it too.

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Let me know if you have questions.

Hello World!

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