November 6, 2006

Making Headway

Okay, here's the scoop -

Sara and I talked about how we could use the Mill City Museum since we
didn't have any better ideas.

First off, the main skin metaphor we're looking at is the Skin As Barrier.
With this we discussed how the interior is isolated from the workings of
the city around it and the recent renovations in that area. The
construction is gladd and heavy stone, the stone sort of keeps the insides
hidden, while the new glass additions expose the interior to the outside

** Progression to second theme **

We then saw how the present world is kept at bay by the skin of the
building, and how the past is contained inside...another barrier trope
-BUT- this leads us to the secondary trope present...Time As Barrier...It
is readily apparent how the building has undergone changes through time and
from it's original function to what it is now. We went through the
different senses and how this barrier functions. Relating it back to skin
in the end, we can say that it indeed functions as a skin metaphor because
the inside contains all the experiences and the outside world is kept
outside, etc., etc.

Let me know of any additions or ideas and write down ideas for the Power
Point presentationa nd we'll all collaborate on wednesday.

ALSO - we all NEED to go see the museum and take a tour, pictures,
interviews, just to get familiar with the area. Reply back or post some
questions you might want to ask people there. Sara is going on tuesday, but
unfortunately I cannot. I could probably make it wednesday or the weekend,
so let me know what your schedules are or, again, post it.

We didn't discuss who the architect was and their goal in reconstrucing
this building, so that's something we can look into.

Anyway, that about wraps it up. Hope you guys had a good weekend and see
you all Wednesday.


November 3, 2006

Beginning of our project

Everyone, post your info and any ideas you might have already. I'll try to visit and update this as much as possible, if you want a real forum, let me know. Thanks.