Cocktail Party Effect

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I chose to write about the cocktail party effect. We have all certainly experienced this effect because its quite common and many people may not realize that it has an actual name. The cocktail party effect can be described as when our brain is tuning out things and tuning back in into certain things. For example , having a conversation with somebody at a party and then moments later all the way across the room you hear your name being said. Its strange to think of, because our brain blocks out things that we don't necessarily want to hear and then tunes back when we recognize something familiar that is said. You weren't paying attention to the other side of the party minutes before you heard your name, and as soon as you heard your name you start to focus. This phenonomen explains that our brain only lets us hear what it wants us to hear. This makes me question about how I focus in class and wether I'm actually listening to what is said or I'm being distracted by my thoughts and the surroundings around me. It also makes me wonder if my brain has adapted to certain things that I have heard before and if it blocks out the new things that I am hearing.
I have experienced this many times, but usually hearing the same sound.

My name is Elza and whenever I hear somebody start off a word with "El" I usually focus to where that sound is coming from.

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