Digital Drugs

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Digital Drugs
In these modern times, everything we do is digital. Our banking, our shopping even the application we fill out for college; all of these things we do online. Now there are even digital drugs. The above link (top) to a company called I-doser sells these recordings stating that the binaural tones used in their recordings create certain physical changes in stimuli in the brain (for a deeper look at the definition of binaural tones see the 2rd link). Supposedly these recordings of binaural beats are designed to bring about different emotions and states in the brain including happiness, euphoria, fear and more. I-doser's products are intended for not only recreational but also clinical use as in the case of people with depression. To evaluate such an astounding claim we must use the six steps for scientific thinking. The website above certainly appears to have extraordinary evidence, claiming that binaural beats can create a predictable change in our brain waves. The Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department of Duke University as well as Sunderland Royal Hospital have repeatedly found the results from the above claim true. It can be safely said that this claim passes the replicability step of critical thinking. In my opinion there is an obvious correlation between alterations in the brain and binaural beats. However, even if the brain can be controlled through this method, how can it be tweaked to produce specific moods or emotions? The process to create a specific mood has not been researched enough that claims of very exact states could be produced. This could also be partially due to the Placebo affect. There is substantial evidence but also flaws to this statement that in my eyes render it questionable and requiring more experimentation. The 3rd link listed above is an example of what these recordings consist of.

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