Manning on the Stem Cell Bandwagon

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Peyton Manning seems to be the next celebrity to jump on the stem cell bandwagon. According to this most recent article,Manning has received injection of his own body fat cells into his neck to accompany healing in order to get back on the football field this season. It sounds like he has had quite a rough history with his neck, having three surgeries already.

Stem cells are cells, generally embryonic, that have the ability to become a completely different specialized cell. Stem cells are useful in all different parts of the body replacing damaged cells; Lilienfeld describes them in Chapter 3 as "treating diseases marked by neural degeneration." Stem cell research has been plagued as an extremely controversial issue because of the possible destruction of young embryos that could have been a human life.

Though most of political debate and controversy is regarding embryonic stem cells, Manning received his own fat stem cells to repair damaged cells in his neck. This specific type of body fat stem cell treatment Manning received has not yet been approved in the U.S., but Manning flew his private jet to Europe to get the job done. Medical experts are wary about this treatment because not enough clinical trials have been conducted as it lacks replicability. This is a crucial component to any credible source experimental data, that results can replicated to ensure validity. Some critics have even said that most people seeking these experimental treatments, such as this procedure, aren't fully aware of the treatment they are receiving because there isn't even regulation for the procedure yet. One may wonder that maybe American medical professionals may be warning high alert because medical tourism seems to be on the rise. There is obvious health risk as well, with any procedure.

High risk, high reward? The reward may save Mannings' season, and the Colts' season at that.

Check out this vid from FOX SPORTS

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