Motion Blindness

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Motion blindness, or Akinetopsia, is a disorder where individuals are unable to put together still images in their visual cortex, affectively loosing the perception of motion. This disorder can be easily understood by comparing our perception of motion to a movie. Movies are in essence hundreds of still photos shooting across the screen every minute. In motion blindness the patients are missing many of these photos so they loose the perception of motion. Lesions in the visual cortex cause many of these photos to be lost. This concept is important because for individuals with this disorder it is extremely difficult to perform everyday tasks. Simple tasks that take little or no concentration, such as walking across the street or turning a blind corner, are some of the most challenging and dangerous tasks for individuals with motion blindness. In this video it demonstrates you might perceive the world if you suffered from Akinetopsia. It is important to continue to learn about motion blindness and how it is works in order to help find solutions for treating the disorder. As someone who loves to be active and is involved in many different sports motion blindness would be a serious hindrance to my lifestyle. Activities such as skiing and soccer would become virtually impossible. Motion blindness would in fact alter who I am. After researching this disorder I am still interested in how other aspects of life are affected by motion blindness and how people with this disorder cope and adapted to these changes.

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