Nature Versus Nurture: What Made You Who You Are?

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After reading about the Bogle family and nature and nurture in the textbook, I am left wondering about myself and two things in particular: alcoholism and divorce.

I believe that the Bogle family was the way that it is, with jail time being a common, casual thing having a lot to do with nurture. After reading in the book, I've learned that there really is no way to pinpoint whether this shared trait is caused by genetics, or the environment, but to me it just seems like common sense. The Bogle article talked about how the children were taught to lie, steal, and cheat at a very young age. It's no wonder that's what they resorted to in adulthood; that's all they knew how to do.

Saying this, I then look at my family where commitment in marriage is rare, and alcoholism is definitely not. My parents' marriage failed when I was 10 years old, followed by my aunt's, and then my uncle's. These weren't the first in the family either. This makes me wonder: is this lack of concern for relationship commitment a shared belief, or is there actually a gene that leads us to be worse at committing to things. I wonder this because I crave healthy, whole relationships, and tend to leave my family to spend time with families that have a more solid household, whereas my siblings do not.
Am I missing this gene, or what did I experience in my life that my siblings did not?

Alcoholism also is very prominent in my family, with a huge trend line streaming down both sides of the family, not to mention addiction to cocaine and other serious drugs. Again, I am an outsider in this when grouped with the rest of my family. This leads me to my other question of maybe there is a gene, or something I experienced in my life that has lead me to not follow the path that the rest of my family is taking.

This question of why we are the way we are is extremely exciting to me. How is it that the world is filled with such diversity? What makes us all the way we are, and could that change tomorrow?

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