Nature versus Nurture

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Nature versus nurture, an idea that is always questioned by the public and an idea everyone has a different opinion on. The question of, is our actions based on our genetic background or how our parents raised us? Or is it a little bit of both? Since the idea of nature versus nurture is known, do people try to change their lifestyle based upon that? By researching more on nature versus nurture it can open up many doors in the field of genetics. It will be able to show a different side of the human genome project by looking more closely at epigenetics. Is certain genes more likely to change based on a persons environment? Could nature versus nurture actually only be nurture? A person's environment is the driving force of how we act? If it were looked at it through evolution, a human being adapts to its surroundings and being influenced by the environment, perhaps changing how they are as a person. But on the other hand, the natural instinct of a human is something that is within one self that cannot always be explained. Where is this force coming from that is uncontrollable? An idea that goes well with nature versus nurture is alcoholism. Is it an inheritable trait that is passed on through generations or is it strictly an environmental issue? In my family, this has been questioned on both sides. My grandma grew up in a home where alcohol was very dominant; all of her siblings had problems with alcohol except for her. She married into a marriage where alcohol was prominent in later years with my grandpa and my aunt developed a problem. The question arises whether or not an alcohol related gene is passable or is it the matter of seeing alcohol daily as a lifestyle. Nature versus nurture will always be an ongoing theory that will always be questioned.

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