Nature vs. Nurture: The gray scale debate

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The Nature vs. Nurture debate argues whether or not human behavior is a result of genes or the environments that people grew up in. Although this topic may appear black and white at first, after digging deeper into both sides of the argument it becomes evident that this debate is a grey scale. By gray scale I mean that both nature and Nurture play a role in human behavior. Sometimes biological influences are stronger and other times environmental influences have more power in contributing to a person's behavior.
To find evidence for this debate, psychologists have tested various behavioral genetic designs in order to learn more about heritability of certain traits. Twin studies specifically allow scientists to see the difference in behaviors of identical twins (same DNA) and fraternal twins (50% same DNA). Such studies show evidence of nature influences, while adoption studies show to what extent adopted children absorb their new environment. As it turns out though nature and nurture both have effects on peoples behavior.
I believe this debate is extremely important to psychology - the study of mind, brain and behavior. Without having a clear understanding of how both nature and nurture effects human behavior it is difficult to study psychology. Also this debate applies to everyday life when we interact with other people, and it may help us connect with others.

What is it that makes some biological traits overpower environmental influences while others not?


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