Nature vs Nurture: The Significance of Twin and Adoption Studies

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The nature vs. nurture debate is one that has been going on for hundreds of years. Some people believe that our behavior is based on nature, genes that were passed down to us from our parents. Others believe that it is based on nurture and the environment that we were raised in. This debate is important because not only does it tell us why people behave the way they do, but it also helps us to potentially predict the behavior of generations to come. This debate has not been proven right one way or another but in my opinion I believe both nature and nurture have has an effect on the behavior of humans.

Scientists have used family studies, twin studies and adoption studies to test this out. By using these studies, scientists have been able to study how personality traits run in both blood related families and families with adopted children. A good example of this is the Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein story (article link below). Both Paula and Elyse were twins that were separated when they were babies and adopted by separate families. Researchers then began to conduct a study to see how nature and nurture affects their behavior. They conducted this survey for 35 years without them knowing and found that both girls had very similar personalities although their interests and talents were different.

This story helps prove that both nature and nurture are contributing factors to a person's behavior and personality. The nature vs. nurture theory also helps explain why our world is so diverse and why everyone behaves in different ways. It all comes down to genetics and the environment that we were raised in.

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