Naure Vs. Nurture: Causes of Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders affect roughly 8 million people in the United States of America. Many people with eating disorders are girls between the ages of 18 and 25. However, those affected by eating disorders are not limited to this range. A girl as young as 13 can develop eating disorders and it is not just limited to girls; males can develop eating disorders too. Why is this?
Some people may say that people who develop eating disorders are genetically predisposed to having one develop in them. However, others argue that it is their environment that shows them how to be a certain way. Sound familiar? The classic Nature vs. Nurture debate is evident in the causes of eating disorders. Many people specifically blame the media for what we call the "thin ideal". Advertisements often show thin, beautiful models that present the "thin ideal" to consumers. Thus, in turn, showing an image of how people feel they should look. After seeing a myriad of advertisements all depicting thin, beautiful models, people tend to feel inadequate with how they look, and feel society wants them to be thin like these models that are portrayed in the media. People mimic what they see, and it can lead to an eating disorder fairly quickly. The media plays a detrimental role in our environment, and can cause people to feel inadequate with their body image.
There is no knowing for sure what causes eating disorders. Is it the genetics fro chemical imbalances in our brains that make us depressed and upset with ourselves? Is it entirely dependent on how much TV we watch or how much media we are exposed to? Neither one can be answered entirely because there are so many possibilities to why eating disorders occur, but we do know for certain that the media does not help the issue with eating disorders.thin model.jpg

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