The Pituitary Gland and its Effects on Athletes

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It is amazing how one small gland in the human body can control a person's mood, growth, and the other glands and functions of the body. Just as a mailman collects letters from the master post office and delivers mail to each person's home, the pituitary gland is the "master gland" for other glands that delivers hormone "mail" to parts of our body. The pituitary gland naturally produces a human growth hormone that is integral for growth and physical performance. Athletes monitor their levels of HGH closely because of its link to metabolism and growth; finding new ways to stimulate or encourage more HGH in the human body is a major part of athletic science and new technologies are enabling athletes to improve and stimulate their pituitary gland's abilities.
Science has shown that lactic acid stimulates the release of the pituitary glands, and the pituitary glands stimulate growth and performance. Thus, to help athletes perform better, scientists need to find ways to produce and contain lactic acid in the body to lead the athletes to become stronger in their sport. A scientist named Peter Wasowski created the Vasper, an exercise machine that does concentrate lactic acid to eventually increase performance and growth potential. The statement provided about the technology says that the athlete or user "wears compression cuffs on the arms and legs and core-cooling panels on the chest and head. During exercise, the machine traps large amounts of lactic acid in the body, stimulating the pituitary gland and producing more human growth hormone." The cooling panels, just like when running outside, are receptor sites for the lactic acid, and the research of this new exercise machine states that the equivalent of a two-and-a-half hour workout can be achieved in twenty minutes on the machine. Thus, this technology is perfect for athletes and people who would like more performance and energy in their daily lives.

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