Understanding Increased Violence

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The amount of violence among the youth has increased greatly within the past few years. With all the movies, music and video games one could argue that the media is partially responsible for the increased violence in the youth today. Understanding these violent medias and those who it reaches can help uncover if there is a relationship to the increased amount of violence. This relationship can be understood by using one of the six principles of scientific thinking called "correlation versus causation," understanding which causes which. In this case is it the violent song lyrics, movie scenes or video games that send the message that it is accepted and perhaps glorified or is it simply the media just responding to what the world is already like. The claim that the media causes an increased amount of violence is more plausible. A person is exposed to on average anywhere from 400 to 600 forms of media each day. Knowing that the media is an inescapable part of life it is obviously going to have an impact on how we live our lives. So much of music today has violence not only in their lyrics, but also with the music videos. Movies and video games constantly show this as well. Many of the popular video games today are all about shooting the enemy, and showing every detail of the kill. Knowing this it is easy to understand the media has a direct affect on the amount of violence in the youth today. Another way to look at the media's influence is using the classic debate of nature versus nurture. Is it the way a person is raised that causes violence or is something they are predisposition to? Many people can argue for either side. However both sides can be correct. Many factors contribute to be violent behavior, such as their mental state, substance abuse and their exposure to violence as a young person. Their mental state can be due to their family history so nature plays a role in this, however how they were raised to handle that would be nurture. All three are involved in whether or not a person can become violent.


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