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The debate about nature versus nurture has the ability to never be concluded. Those who debate that nature has the most significant impact believe that one's surrounding environmental influences causes a person to be who they are. On the contrary, those who argue that nurture has the largest impact believe that a person becomes who they are based on genes.
This notion has been studied at large to determine what influences are most important in how one acts and behaves. To most accurately decide how one develops behavioral traits, studies have focused on twins, both identical and fraternal. These studies have been aimed towards identical twins due to the fact that they share the same genetic makeup, making it easier to identify which influences have the greatest affect.
Jim Lewis and Jim Springer illustrate one example of this study. The twins were separated at birth at met for the first time 39 years later. The two were astonished to discover that they had grown up 45 miles apart. They soon came to realize that was not the only thing they had in common. The two had both been names James by the families that adopted them. They both grew up to have two wives, the first named Linda and the second names Betty. One named one of his children James Alen and the other named one of his children James Allan. The two both had once had a pet dog named Toy. Apart from the strange similarities in family life, they both enjoyed alike things, as well. The two smoked the same brand of cigarettes and beer, had woodworking shops in their houses, drove the same kind of car, and even were in the same profession.
As far as the debate between nature versus nurture, I still remain in the middle ground between the two. Despite the bizarre similarities between the two Jims, I can't say that I believe solely in nurture. This study does make me wonder whether one of the two is stronger, though. What if they had grown up together? Would they both have enjoyed all of the same things? Would growing up together have influenced more similarities between the twins or could it have made them like different things from each other? Does growing up apart and still having all these similarities mean that nurture is indeed a stronger influence?

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