Adoption studies: Nature vs Nurture

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A study that I found appealing was the adoption studies. Adoption studies focuses mainly on the characteristics and traits carried by an adoptive child in comparison to his/her adoptive parents. This study allows researchers to explore the role that genetics and environment play on a child's personality. I believe this concept is important because it helps researchers understand how a person develops their characteristics and gives them a view into the mind instead of looking at a person's genes to determine resemblance.

Throughout the past year, I have gotten to know a family with an adoptive child; Matt, who is a boy from Guatemala. Spending countless hours with this family was really an eye opener in the sense that I was able to learn about each one of them and their personalities. Matt resembles his adoptive parents, Tim and Betsy, in many certain ways.

Matt is 17 and has many personality traits the same as Tim. They both are very hardworking. Matt is involved in many sports and has worked really hard to get where he's at by doing summer training sessions. Tim on the other hand is a very successful in marketing for the company Toro. Tim is often gone on business trips and always has events he attends for his job to show that he is hardworking and dedicated to the company. This goes hand in hand in the sense that the two of them are outgoing people. Both of them have big personalities and are extremely easy to talk to.

Matt and his adoptive mom, Betsy, also have similarities. Betsy is a nurse in Methodist hospital and therefore has a very caring, nurturing personality. She is a little on the quieter side when compared to Matt and Tim, but also is very easy to talk to. Matt picks up on her nurturing personality in the way he cares about his loved ones. He makes sure everyone is okay in the house and if not, he listens to the conflict and cheers his loved ones up.

Although Matt resembles his parents in various ways, there also are many differences. Matt is the kind of guy who seeks adventure and thrill. He's a little mischievous and definitely is a goofy, good-humored guy. Both of his adoptive parents are more reserved in these ways. Although they are both nice, neither of them have the humor that Matt has. This makes Matt the entertainer of the family. Also, the two parents don't necessarily take risks outside of the comfort zone in terms of 'thrill factor.'

Being around this family has allowed me to see that environment has a huge effect on one's personality. The video attached, 'Twins Separated at Birth,' gives another example about the effects of environment versus genetics. Adoptive studies are a great way to research what shapes someone's personality.

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