Assignment 1 - Blondes going extinct

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This article states that blonde people are going extinct. As a blonde person I found this to be a quite interesting claim, but one that would be unlikely. The website states that it is completely false and that no study was ever done, it is a complete hoax. Many factors lead it to look believable. Firstly, the blonde gene is a recessive allele and thus it is easy to make the connection that eventually the dominant trait would be unanimous. This however does not hold true in terms of hair color, mostly because there are many alleles that go into it. The article also shares many other articles from the past that make the same claim. However every single article that they share has no evidence and no real study, it is all simply a hoax or scam. Also the wording such as stating that men prefer blondes to brunettes and that they prefer natural blondes to bottle blondes leads me to question the target audience and scientific reasoning.

The Principle of Critical thinking that is most appalling in this article is replicability. No study was ever even done and when the organizations that make the claims are questioned they say they have never even heard of the study. If something has never even been done how can it be replicated? This is appalling because they are quoting scientific research companies such as the WHO and the WHO states they have never heard of or made any studies or claims. Overall I would completely disregard any statement that blondes are going extinct.

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