Behavioral Adaptation

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Charles Darwin was the first scientist to popularize the idea of natural selection and survival of the fittest. This idea was that the species that has the traits best suited for survival will tend survive to reproduce and pass on their genes and traits for survival. This not only applies to physical characteristics such as camouflage, but it also applies to psychological patterns and tendencies in a species. This is important, because it shows how our species adapted to survive, not just through our physicality, but through our brainpower and habits. An example is anxiety, people feel it one time or another in their lives, but it is usually not in a survival situation; however, back for survival anxiety probably developed to assist humans in avoiding predators and dangerous situations. Our book also raises the question of why religion developed, and theorizes that it helped to build social ties and stronger communities, thus increasing the likelihood of our survival in a larger group. These examples still hold true today; anxiety for example actually helps us in the sense that you feel anxious when a test is coming up so you are encouraged to actually do better on said test. Also, say what you will about religion, but the communities that they build are some of the strongest in the world. Behavioral adaptation has shown that not just physical characteristics evolve to aid the survival of species, and I'm am curious to see what will happen to future generations in terms of behavioral adaptation. Mainly, since religion is becoming less and less prevalent in developed society, I'm wonder how this will affect the development of future generations of human beings. Also, I am curious about the in between steps of behavioral evolution, like how did we get from being not anxious to being anxious in the first place?

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