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Hi everyone,
Good job with your entries last time! I had a lot of fun reading them, and saw some good analysis and extension of the concepts you've covered so far. I've grouped some of the very best posts under the "Sample entry" category, take a look at those to see some good examples of what I'm looking for. In addition, here are some tips of things to do and avoid in your next posts:

*Make sure to categorize your posts. When you create a post, select the appropriate category (i.e., Writing ##) to label your post. This will make my job a lot easier!

*Go above and beyond what is discussed in class. Don't just introduce a theory/phenomenon and say "I think this is cool/weird!" or "This happened to me once!" Think about what your experiences or the theory leads you to wonder-- what are the next steps research should take?

*Make sure your post is about psychology. In Psych 1001, we mostly talk about human psychology, and your posts should reflect that. However, psychologists do use animal models frequently to understand human thought, behavior, and processing. If you include an article about animals, make sure you relate the research back to humans-- how might this parallel what happens in humans? What does it mean for the quality of human life?

*Answer your own questions. When you ask a question, explain why you think it's an important question or suggest some possible answers.

*When you include a link, make sure to mention what it's about (or include it as a reference in your post) and integrate it into your post. Don't let links hang out at the bottom as if to say, "Hey! Look at this semi-related thing I found on Google!"

Happy blogging!

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