Can Honey Make You Smarter?

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I got my first test in college back, and man did I need some help for the next one. Maybe honey is the answer? According to the article below, there is some research to back this up. A recent study showed that a daily spoonful of Malaysian honey can increase a person's intellect. Now the results of the study aren't what is important, rather it is how they measured "intellect" was and how it relates to what we have been talking about in lecture and discussion.
First off, intellect was measure was measuring a person's short term memory by presenting them with a list of words. They looked at the words for a short time, and then they were told to remember as many as they could. As we learned in lecture through multiple examples, our short term memory typically remembers between 5 plus or minus 2 items. These items can be put into chunks of multiple items to remember more. For example, instead of remembering 7 numbers individually, we can remember numbers in chunks of 3's. This cuts the used short term memory in half, thus allowing us to remember more chunks of numbers or whatever it may be.
We do have to keep in mind however, that there are some extraordinary claims being present in this article. Another problem with this study is that it didn't take into account the possibility that the subjects became better at the task of remembering words or just remembering general pieces of information. Both of these are clouding the results of this study immensely.
With this in mind, the presence of our short term memory is vitally important to everyday living, and researching possible ways to increase this skill would be a great discovery in science and psychology.

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