Can You Pray Away The Gay?

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Recently, there have been multiple claims that people have been they can become straight by just praying, also known as reparative therapy, or as the media calls it "pray the gay away." Patients are told that when they have homosexual urges, they should pray and that they may be "cured" this way.
This claim does not seem to be meaningful because there is no way to prove that the individuals who supposedly became straight, became straight because they prayed. There is no way to prove that it was caused be praying and it could have been purely coincidental. There is also no way to test this claim. How do we know that those claiming to now be straight are actually straight? It is not falsifiable. Furthermore, very few individuals have claimed to be changed by this method. If this method actually works, why has it not worked for more people.
Also, these people could have consciously decided not to be homosexual. There is no way to prove that this occurred, without their decision. Freud's theory of psychoanalysis mentions that primary influences on things such as sexuality are unconscious drives, meaning we have no control over them. It states that they are not caused by forces outside the organism.
If this is the case, then how can people become straight, by just praying? How do we know if they are straight because they prayed? Is it correlation or causation? How can anybody even prove that they have become straight, or that they were ever gay?

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