Causes of Criminal Acts

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The discussion about the Bogle family led me to wonder about what the greatest cause of criminal acts is. While there are so many things that people could look at, in my opinion the two biggest factors stem from the humanistic and biological lenses of psychology.
Humanists believe that people are good. It can be said that they believe that humans will naturally grow out and reach their full potential. Its fundamental beliefs are around the idea of free will. Free will means all of us make the choices that we want, and that we're not controlled by anything outside of ourselves, and therefore can reach however far we want to in life. Now obviously when people grow up with things such as stealing and abuse they become desensitized to such things. Ultimately however, no one forces people to lie, cheat, or steal; it's a decision that we all must make. When they people elect to steal things they do it on their own. People can say no to something just as easily as they can say yes, and that is why I believe a humanistic way of evaluating causes of criminal acts is important.
There are always exceptions to the rule, and in this case people can't rule out the biology of the brain. Things that might seem insignificant such as a slight change in the levels of a chemical in the brain can have drastic changes to the way people operate. Some people are born more prone to commit acts of violence than others due to the way that their brain is "wired". Different combinations of chemicals can make people more aggressive, easily agitated, and hot-tempered than what they would normally be like.
To me, some factors can't be ruled out like brain chemistry, but we can always choose whether or not to do something. While there are definitely some people more prone to committing such acts than others, in the end we all must make a decision on whether or not to do something.

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