split-brain procedure

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One of the most interesting topics thus far has been split-brain procedure and how the left and right hemispheres work together via communication through the corpus callosum.


In the video attached, you will see a boy, Tony, who was born without a corpus callosum. This means that his brain hemispheres work independent of one another. When Tony was being asked questions he seemed completely normal, but in experiments he illustrated some of the down-falls of not having a corpus callosum.

For example, Tony saw pictures of faces with different emotions and was asked to pick an emotion from a list of words that described the emotions. He got emotions like fear wrong 50% of the time. This illustrates that his right hemisphere, which is in charge of some sensory information and emotion, cannot communicate the emotion that he sees with his left brain. So he is not able to express/isn't aware of the emotion.

Tony mentions that he isn't a "social person". This could be related to his inability to pick up on emotions consistently and accurately. It can probably be difficult to communicate when his right brain cannot communicate emotions (and information from his other senses too) to the left brain so that he can express it/be aware of it/tell about it. He is essentially unaware of some things because of this lack of communication between his left and right hemispheres.

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