Consequences of Sleepwalking

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If you google "sleep walking" right now, all the images that you would come across would be of people or characters with their arms outstretched, little "zzzz's" coming out of their mouths, and walking like a zombie. Surprisingly, sleep walking has nothing to do with what we see in movies and what we imagine when we think about a person sleepwalking. In reality, people that sleep walk act as if they are fully awake and sometimes involve themselves in little activities. Yet, some sleep walkers are known to drive cars, turn on computers, or even have sexual intercourse. I think this is an important theory, because this unconscious event leads everlasting results. This theory makes me wonder, should we consider sleep walking as a disorder? I remember I watched a Law and Order SVU episode, where a guy was found not guilty for raping a girl, because he was sleep walking. Is being a sleepwalker the new alibi for unlawful actions? Aside from an SVU episode, sleep walking may lead to bad consequences in the real world. For example, in the Telegraph article, "Drama student claims he raped while sleepwalking," the guy stated that the girl consented to sexual activity; whereas, the girl said she woke up in the horror of being raped. So what can the jury say in the case like this in which the psychological research on sleepwalking support the idea of the girl consenting to sexual activity? The sleep walking theory is really interesting, because outside the book the theory connects to the legal system and will impact many individuals.

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