Dexter America's Psychopath

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Dexter is popular Showtime television drama that follows a handsome, intelligent blood spatter analyst named Dexter with a dark secret. He is a serial killer with a twist. His victims are criminals, child molesters, rapists, thieves, etc. This intriguing plot plus an attractive cast makes for television hit viewed by millions of people. But has the growing popularity of crime drama's such as these harming viewers besides just entertaining? dex.jpg
Criminals and the heinous crimes they commit are often glamorized in television. Witty or charming criminals engage officials in "cat-n-mouse games" and everything is resolved in a one hour time slot. But this is far from the actual process of crime solving and criminals are not usually witty or charming. People become desensitized to the fact that serial killer and plain common criminals are dangerous people. Gruesome real-life crimes become entertainment rather than horrific misfortunes. The more gruesome the crime the more news coverage it gets. The line between tragedy and entertainment becomes blurred.
Crime dramas should not be a scapegoat for all unfortunate events. Such as Andrew Conley, 17, who killed his brother and claimed Dexter was his inspiration. Andrew is clearly troubled and in need of mental help. Instead of seeing this as a sad situation where mental aid was lacking, people flocked to criticize the television series.
In conclusion crime dramas are a risky form of entertainment but as long as viewers remember it as fantasy not reality. We will be able to continue viewing in a healthy way.

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